By The Gods by Dazzy-P

By The Gods! epagomenal

One of my favorite cartoons has returned after a too long hiatus. By The Gods is an Internet cartoon from the drawing board of DAZZY-P (Darren Pepper), and it ran from 2013 until it unfortunately stopped in a few years later due to real work over taking him.

But when I was recently cruising around the Internet I saw one of his older panels and thought that I would revisit the site to waste a few minutes looking at older drawings. What I found was that, due to being threatened by members of the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon he has returned to the strip!

The strip is about the gods of Egypt, but it is no dry retelling of the Book of the Dead. Its a funny contemporary take on them. They play practical jokes on each other, have adventures, suffer from the same issues many of us do with its own unique twist and a whole lot more!

By the gods 3 khepri's head

Drawn in the classical two dimensional style of Ancient Egypt the characters look as if they were pulled directly from a tomb painting and just given a fresh coat of paint. And a decidedly modern sense of humor.

You will find resurrected T-Rexs, vampires, demons, zombies and host of other interesting characters interspersed with the gods. In one two of the gods are enticed into the underworld by Apep and Journey to the Center of the Earth. From there they venture back to the surface, but in a Mayan city and encounter a priest and the winged god Quetzacoatl. Later some of the gods engage Quetzacoatl in a good natured debate about the various captains from Star Trek. There is also an interesting case when a tentacled Japanese Hentai character accidentally stumbles onto the scene.


I learned a great deal about the Egyptian pantheon as well. I knew of a few of the gods but really not that many and had only the vaguest of ides of what they stood for. The closest I have ever come to reading about them was as they were characterized in Roger Zelazny’s Creatures of Light and Darkness.


The actual characters and rivalries between the gods are often played out as well, often with modern touches such as when Set lures Osiris into an underground room filled with landmines. I highly recommend this series as well as looking at his other artwork.